Our Church

The Link Christian Fellowship, Tranmere started as a Church in May 1997 when a group of 14 or 15 Christians with a burden for that area of Birkenhead and Wirral hired the Prentonian Suite at Tranmere Rovers Football Club in order to hold Sunday morning services.

The Church is made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life and is open and welcoming to everybody. The one thing in common is that people have been transformed by the love and power of the risen Christ as they trusted Him as their Lord and Saviour and it is this message of God's love and saving grace we desire to share with others. One common remark that all guests and visitors seem to make is that the love of Christ is so obvious within the Fellowship, and indeed it should be as God Himself has poured His love into our hearts by The Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5).

The Link Christian Fellowship is an independent Pentecostal Church, in that we believe that the power of the Holy Spirit and His gifts are as available to the Church today as they were to the early Church following the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2). However, though we are an independent Church, we have very close relationship and fellowship with other Churches of all denominations who 'preach Christ crucified'. Indeed, the very reason the Church is called 'The Link' is that our desire is to work closely with other Fellowships, locally, nationally and internationally who make up the one Body of Christ.

You could say that our aims are two-fold. Firstly, our burning desire is to see men, women, young people and children come to God through  Jesus Christ by trusting Him as Lord and Saviour through repentance from sin and believing in His saving work on the Cross 2000 years ago. Secondly, having trusted Christ , to grow in their knowledge of Christ and become mature in their relationship with Him. This would lead to discovering their gifts and talents and using them in service to God and His Church.

A lot of people are surprised to see that we meet in a function suite at a football ground and not in what is considered an 'official' Church building. The belief that there are such things as 'official' Church buildings is just one of many misconceptions people have about the Christian faith. According to the Bible, the Church is always the people and never a building. In other words, wherever Christians come together to worship, there you have the Church. For the first 300 years following Christ's death, resurrection and ascension back to Heaven, the Church came under severe persecution and often had to meet in secret. The same is true today in many countries of our world where persecution of Christians is rife.

When the Link Christian Fellowship started, we wanted to meet in a building where people who do not normally go to Church would feel comfortable going into. The Prentonian Suite at Tranmere Rovers Football Club is a building many people would be familiar with, maybe having been there to celebrate birthdays, weddings etc. We simply meet there on Sunday mornings and as we fellowship together, we have Church.

We previously met in the Prentonian Suite at Tranmere Rovers (Wirral) but we are currently (as of September 2012) meeting at Victoria Hall, Bebington (Wirral).

We also have another building, 'The Vine' which is situated next to the popular Italian restaurant in Prenton Road West. It is in this building where we have our midweek meetings, youth meetings, our children's ministry (Link Kids Powerhouse) and various social events. Further information regarding all of these will be found on this website.

We hope this information has proven to be helpful to you but please do get in touch if we can help you in any way and you will be very welcome to come and join with us at any of our services.

Pastor Mike Haynes

© 2009